Photo by Steven Meisel

Maureen Goss

Creative Director and Photographer | @MaureenGossPhotography

Maureen Goss is an artist and a Chinese medical practitioner. She yields to the philosophy of both: that beauty heals, whether in an image that inspires personally or professionally or in a treatment plan that brings a spring back to one’s step. As creative director of Image Herder, Maureen creates a home and venue where both artist and those they serve can mutually benefit with ease.

Kathleen Goss

Chief Executive Officer | @KathleenLHenn

Kathleen Goss worked as a professional ballerina for 10 years. She has an eye for extraordinary beauty and a brain for administration. Kathleen has made Image Herder a place where artists can bring their work out of the closet and into a world that is starving for it.

Photo by Maureen Goss

Official White House Photo by Allaina Parton

George Goss

Director of Operations and Photographer | @GeorgeGoss4

George Goss is a communications specialist with a dual masters in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts and in Journalism from the City University of New York. He worked for 10 years in NYC creating photos and videos in the fields of politics, social justice, as well as promotion for businesses and nonprofits. Goss worked as an intern at the White House Photo Office and was a Poynter-Koch media fellow. He currently divides his time between NYC and CT.

James Gocke

Video Editor and Graphic Designer | @James_Gocke

James Gocke is a video editor and graphic designer with a focus on integrating marketing and design. Based out of New York City, James finds solitude when immersed in folk music, drawing in the morning, and climbing at his local gym. Living almost solely off of Clif bars, Yerba Mate, and adrenaline, James is driven by the thrill of breathing an authentic voice into projects and sharing them with wider audiences.

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