Political Campaigns

Obama (01)

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama campaigning in Washington Square Park, NYC, September 2007.

Obama (02)

Just prior to photographing this event, I made the switch from shooting with a beat up Nikon FM film camera to a Nikon full frame digital camera. My biggest fear was not getting the shot.

Hillary (01)

The crowd came alive for Hillary at the Javits Center in New York City. It definitely felt like her home turf.

Hillary (02)

During this rally for Hillary, members of the crowd each found their own way to express their solidarity with her.

Hillary (03)

My favorite part of any campaign rally is when the candidate steps off the podium and mingles with the crowd. She gets to come face to face with the people she will be representing.

Hillary (04)

People from all walks of life came out to show their support

Hillary (05)

Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign launch on Roosevelt Island was a photographer’s dream come true. Lights were brought in to provide just the right exposure for the set stage.

Hillary (06)

Hillary chose Roosevelt Island as she pledged her presidency would be in the spirit of FDR: to help working Americans.

Hillary (07)

If I could, I would photograph an entire presidential campaign season focused just on the fashion and joie de vivre of supporters such as this one.

Hillary (08)

I got to shake hands with Chelsea shortly after taking this photo.

Biden Takes a Stand

Biden (1)

I was working for the New York Daily News at the time and jumped at the opportunity to cover Joe Biden. It was a benefit for people who stutter and he was the keynote. When someone in the audience laughed about people who stutter Biden called him out — and I caught it on film for the New York Daily News.

Biden (2)

Joe Biden, speaking at the American Institute for Stuttering’s 10th annual Freeing Voices Changing Lives Benefit Gala, grew angry when someone laughed while he was talking about the challenges of people who stutter. Biden himself had the issue when he was younger. Video by George Goss

American Catholic

Pope Francis (01)

I have always thought that Marine One, the helicopter that is used to transport the President, is the most iconic aircraft. Photographing Pope Francis hopping aboard was a dream come true for me.

Pope Francis (02)

Witnessing firsthand Pope Francis’ interactions with those who came to greet him on his trip to the United States, I was impressed by his ability to connect with the people who needed him most — including a man with cerebral palsy whom I wrote about .

St. Patrick's Cathedral (01)

Cardinal Dolan leads a young adult mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC.

St. Michael's Russian Catholic Church (01)

Priest’s vestments at St. Michael’s Russian Catholic Church, SoHo, NYC.

St. Michael's Russian Catholic Church (02)

Preparing for Mass at St. Michael’s.

Trump’s White House (2017)

The White House (01)

In July, 2016, when my cousin told me he thought that The Apprentice host Donald Trump had a shot at not only the Republican nomination, but the presidency I took it as a pretty funny joke. I wasn’t laughing anymore when little more than a year later I was on the South Lawn photographing Marine One carrying President Trump.

The White House (02)

I treated each day at the White House Photo Office as a great privilege. On more than one occasion a co-worker told me: “As crazy as it may get here, the White House photographers’ job is nothing less than documenting history.”

The White House (03)

In this partisan age when our ideological battle lines are drawn, I saw the White House Photo Office as the most non-partisan of the executive departments. Always in the know, but singularly devoted to delivering images that would be something worthy of posterity to look back on and form their own conclusions.

The White House (04)

Jared Kushner, Vice President Mike Pence and others attend Trump’s address in the Rose Garden.

The White House (05)

Ivanka Trump, her daughter and Tiffany Trump meet a recently pardoned turkey.

The White House (06)

A Marine’s saber aside cake celebrating the Corps’ birthday.

The White House (07)

Kellyanne Conway aside the youngest Marine.

The White House (08)

Marines celebrate the Corps’ birthday inside the Treaty Room of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

The White House (09)

Halloween at the White House, 2017.

The White House (10)

Omarosa Manigault Newman poses with White House interns during a mock White House Apprentice.

The White House (11)

President Trump bestows Medal of Honor.

The White House (12)

Christmas at the White House

The White House (13)

Marine One departs with Washington Monument as backdrop.

In Protest

Occupy Wall Street

As spectacular as digital imagery is, can anything really beat the thrill of shooting with a basic film camera loaded with a roll of black and white? Nope. In September 2011, I witnessed firsthand the protests in New York’s Financial District calling for an end to growing income inequality. Shooting with film enabled me to be present in the moment that just wouldn’t be possible with digital and its lure of immediately judging post-capture the composition of the pixels on the screen.

Occupy Wall Street (01)

In solidarity for equal wages.

Occupy Wall Street (02)

Standing up for workers’ rights.

Occupy Wall Street (03)

Protesters descend upon Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street (04)

Police keep watchful eyes on demonstrators.

On the Street

On the Street (01)

They marched. Black, white, gay, straight, old and young to honor Mark Carson, young man senselessly killed in /the West Village of New York City simply for being gay.

On the Street (02)

From West to East, Houston Street is a fitting microcosm of Manhattan: embodying the dynamism and diversity that features New York’s most important demographic: those trying to make it.

On the Street (03)

Arguably the ones with the most ownership of New York’s streets are the homeless.

New England Pastoral

New England Pastoral (01)

Even though the tractors on my family’s tract of farmland are all made by John Deere, there’s something quintessentially American about Farmall. The red tractors hearken back to an earlier age prior to Big Ag: when family farms were the norm and not endangered species.

New England Pastoral (02)

A girl and her dog on their family farm.

New England Pastoral (03)

Geese in a row at feeding time.

New England Pastoral (04)

Echoing generations past: feeding time on the family farm.

New England Pastoral (05)

Roosters mingle with the flock.

New England Pastoral (06)

Freshly laid eggs adorn the chicken coop’s shelf.

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