New Work


Tempera and watercolor imbue this black and white image with a stronger spirit. Click to view Images 2021 award winners.

La Belle Epoque

Using photographs from my body of work as a fashion portrait photographer in the 80’s in New York City, this is one of a new series created by mixing media. This image is included in the virtual exhibition at The Mystic Museum of Art from January 29 through March 20, 2021.


Mixing paper cut and paint to spotlight the comical perspective on a light-hearted ensemble.


The veil did not diminish the strength of his stare.

Silver Buckled


Mixed Media

Factory Girl

Inspired by the artists and social climate of the day: Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and the gritty streets of NYC of the 80’s, Factory Girl is one from a collection of painted photos.

Clashing Plaids

The model provided clothes from his own eclectic wardrobe for this session outdoors.

On The Porch

Ditching the city for a photoshoot on the beach was always a hit with models. The feeling of ease showed in the images.

In the Studio


I did not know that the model was transgender when I photographed her. I only knew I would have loved to have skin so flawless that was set off by her midnight black hair and black gown.

Echo of an Icon

Upon arrival to my studio with no makeup dressed in a leather jacket and pants, the model was transformed with hair, makeup, and wardrobe to resemble an edgy Marilyn Monroe for the 80’s.


At the end of the day the model left the studio with a new confidence after our day’s work.

Strike A Pose

Tracing Lineage

The model loved these African inspired hand painted earrings and bracelets with gold and silver leaf. They complemented her natural beauty perfectly.

Silk Scarved

The 35 mm Polaroid film used for this shot helped to contrast the black and white of the image.

Matthew Barney

Barney, who was a student at Yale at the time of this photo and headed to medical school, would take a different path to become the well-known artist and filmmaker that he is today. 

Walter (1)

Walter dropped and did 50 push-ups before the shutter clicked on this image that was included in an auction of 19th and 20th Century Photographs at Philip’s Auction House in NYC on October 27, 1987. 

Walter (2)

Another shot after the 50 pushups with a less contrasty film than Walter (1). 


Portrait of my husband after a hard day’s work building the studio as I tested the tungsten lights. 

All Dressed Up

The editors wanted to use my son to enliven for a spread called “Novel Classics” with two high fashion models. This is an out take. 

Ann Marie

Called “subtly erotic” in the Yale Daily News, this is how the image was described in a review of an exhibition at the Erector Square Gallery in New Haven in 1987. 


I spent the day photographing this colleague of mine catching up on fellow models and artists, stories about the business, and her expected role in a coming movie. 

On the Street

White Collar

The beauty of those asleep in doorways, sidewalks or stairs rivaled my fashion portraits with their own brand of beauty.

No Time for Shoes

Wintertime on Astor Place in a doorway with face against cold concrete and feet exposed, I stopped and said a short prayer for this soul before the click of my shutter.

Iron Pillow

Almost every afternoon found this man using my neighbors iron railing to rest his head.

Park Bench

While walking my son to school, we encountered this sleeping couple in Washington Square Park.

Basic Black

Silver Buckled

Styling fashion portraits is fun. The silk velvet top was from a vintage clothing store a few blocks east of Patricia Field (of Sex and the City fame) where I found this skirt with the seven silver buckles.

Alaia (1)

Azzedine Alaia was a fashion designer who became famous in the 80’s especially for simple and sexy dresses. Every model interprets fashion differently like this one dressed in his design.

Alaia (2)

A runway model ‘works’ this Alaia dress in her unique way.

Black Beret

Models are undervalued artists. I photographed her with that in mind.

Reflecting Coco

I love the pearls and gold chains that Chanel used to accessorize a simple black dress. This one mirrors Coco’s personal style perfectly.


Donna Karen’s fitting model exudes mystery with her perfect fitting body and strong features.


Listening to model’s stories made my workdays all the more interesting. This woman was seeing a famous rock star and enjoyed providing me with the details.

By the Sea

On Claire's Porch

A cream bikini and the model’s arm shadowing her eyes accentuates the curves of a muscular femininity.

Red Velvet

The ‘I don’t really care’ attitude is a compelling contrast to the exquisite red velvet dress designed by my friend Fabian Molina.

Black Velvet

Fabian Molina lent me his opulent designs to photograph. Her exposed back is illumined by the reflection of beach sand on a cloudy day.

Beauty Shot

Close up headshots before photoshop and filters made lighting for them extremely important. This was shot in the shadow of a sea wall with the noon day sun reflecting off the sand in front of her.

Blue Gloved

Natural light — although it can’t be controlled the same as in the studio — is my favorite.

Kim Nye

Not too long after this shoot, Kim Nye signed a contract to be the model for Ralph Lauren, embodying his brand in a whole new way.


The model I used most often for tests and jobs, we have become life-long friends and confidants.

White Linen, Pink Roses

So much energy all day long, we enjoyed creating a number of looks together for her composite (promotional card) until sunset.

80's Chic

Madonna started the trend of wearing ripped up clothes as shown here by the white sea wall.

White Dress

Sometimes the most simply styled photos can be the strongest.

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