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I see a lot of images every day. I suspect you do, too. How many of them do you truly view, stopping to appreciate the skill behind them and the beauty they can impart to your soul? If you are like me, not very often. Even if I see a particularly striking shot on Instagram, the four square inches of pixels do not do it justice and it is barely a second before I’m on to the next square. Sometimes, I want to experience a photo in a more real, less transient way and know part of the story behind it. Perhaps you do, as well. 

Even though my appreciation for photography is great, I can barely take a decent picture. All the crutches Apple has put into the iPhone aren’t enough to help this hopeless case. Although my photo skills are well below amateur, I can recognize and appreciate the art of photography. This is a good thing, since I am married to an accomplished photographer and videographer. My mother-in-law is also a talented photographer, who captured models in the 1980s. (If it were not for them, we would have no pictures of our son.) I understand the patience and craft that goes into creating a stunning photograph. 

As a former dancer, I have a deep respect for the work that goes into art. I also know artists are often bad at sharing their work with the world. I am familiar with the 60+ hour work weeks — grinding out my art and hustling to make rent and student loans, hoping for a decent audience to share in my passion and labor. Yet for all that effort, I wasn’t always good at promoting my art. Photographers can be so close with their photos, sharing a small fraction of what they capture. I marvel at the number of images taken that never see the light of day. There is much good work that deserves to be shared. So much work and dedication is poured into a piece–knowing others truly appreciate it is so rewarding. It is my goal to connect you with images that make you pause and truly see them. 

ImageHerder is our attempt to collect striking images from various visual artists and share them with you.

Image Herder is our attempt to collect striking images from various visual artists and share them with you — to collect them and direct them for your enjoyment. As a management professional, it is also an exercise in directing the wayward artists in my family to dust off their work and bring it into the light of day. (We could have called the site “Image Hoarder” since George keeps every shot he has ever taken.) 

George and I both work full time for non-profits and Maureen works more than full time watching our sons. My father-in-law (also George) runs after our children and makes sure we are all fed. Our artist partners also pursue other work in addition to their craft. I am excited to use this site as a platform for sharing the images of these artists and the stories behind them. We hope they will delight you, and that, if they do, you will share them with others and invest in the artists who made them.

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Kathleen Goss,
Chief Executive Officer

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